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Our Last Mile Delivery solutions

Last mile delivery is a key benefit for businesses around the world. They are looking for more efficient delivery services or they want to offer their end consumers alternatives such as last mile delivery software. FM Logistic offers last mile delivery solutions that enable brands to increase their market share.

The last mile delivery business is growing rapidly due to the increase in business-to-consumer (b2c) deliveries, especially in e-commerce. This raises the challenges of the environment and the impact of traffic congestion from parcel shipping, express shipping to end users.
FM Logistic sets up multi-customer and micrologistics proximity hubs and prefers soft lanes and green/soft vehicles for the last green. These innovative methods allow for smaller storage sites in or near city centres, reduce car journeys, take advantage of multiclients and deliver goods in a more environmentally friendly way. With innovative last mile delivery solutions, FM Logistic has access to all historic and congested city centres.

Let’s lead the change towards a sustainable supply chain by relying on responsible alternatives for last mile delivery.

Our solutions to support you

  • Decrease your carbon footprint thanks to our green last mile solutions

    As a logistics and freight service provider, our mission is to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. To achieve this goal, we offer last mile delivery services, and we focus on multimodal transport to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible.

    We provide last-mile groupage distribution services from urban hubs using our environmentally friendly and multimodal fleet. We rely on the latest cloud-based last mile TMS to pool and shorten transport routes, giving customers permanent access for tracking and tracing.

    Most of our fleet, or those of our subcontractors, now use sustainable energy such as hydrogen or electricity. We help our customers choose the optimal type of energy for their shipments to reduce their carbon footprint. To this end, we offer different types of vehicles:

    • Gentle delivery methods – cargo bike, walking,
    • Type of vehicle – electric, H2, biofuel, multimodal – depending on the route.


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  • Increase the success rate of your deliveries

    As a leading logistics expert, we offer you the dedicated solutions for your ecommerce business for a seamless omnichannel supply chain. We help your company become more competitive and efficient.
    You can expand your parcel delivery offering to a broader consumer service proposition and enhance your customers’ omnichannel experience. Our execution logistics will set you apart from the competition. At any time, you can track the position of your goods in the supply chain, the status of the shipment and find the proof of delivery (POD). We ensure excellent delivery to the consumer and provide multiple drop-off points. We deliver and return in the same loop to reduce return time. Wherever possible, our delivery drivers will drop off your products on foot at the end consumer’s home or in the shop. Last mile delivery solutions made it easy.

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  • One-stop shop for the last mile solution, all destinations, all formats

    Last mile brokerage is your one-stop shop for all your domestic and international parcel shipments. Whether it’s dry vans, refrigerated equipment, trays or oversized trucks, we have the right transportation option among our partners. Our logistics specialists monitor market conditions and truck capacity to find the right equipment for your transportation needs. Whether it’s a cross-country shipment, no job is too small or too big for our last mile delivery services.


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