At FM Logistic, we support our customers in their transformation. From retailers to pure omnichannel actors, we optime and set up agile supply chain solutions, leveraging our expertise and latest technologies.

At FM Logistic, we support our customers in their transformation. From retailers to pure omnichannel actors, we optime and set up agile supply chain solutions, leveraging our expertise and latest technologies.

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Our retail logistics solutions

Since a few years, keeping up with the evolution of retail logistics has never been more challenging. Significant and lasting changes are occurring in consumers’ attitudes and behaviour, such as the continued growth of ecommerce, accelerated by the Covid-19 crisis, or the trend towards locally sourced and sustainably manufactured products. Today’s retail sector is taking advantage of the best of both online and offline shopping (brick and mortar, pure player, click and mortar…). Consumers everywhere are demanding a convenient and consistent experience for buying and receiving goods, whether online, in-store or a mix of both. In response, retailers accelerate to create a seamless omnichannel supply chain that integrates ordering, stocking, delivery and returns, regardless of where the product is purchased. 

FM Logistic supports retailers rethink their retail logistics to sustain a cost-effective and flexible supply chain that meets the ever increasing demands of consumers.

As an expert , we design dedicated collaborative solutions for the retail sector, specifically tailored to the omnichannel strategies.

What do we mean by Supply Change for Retail ?

Our job has a direct impact on sustainability, what we do directly affects people, cities, society and the world we all live in. Our goal is to contribute to the transformation of the supply chain into an omnichannel and sustainable ecosystem. At FM Logistic, we all team up with our partners and our customers to create added value services and set up new business models.

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What can we do together?

Optimise your retail supply chain

Speed to market and peak season management are among the highest challenges for retailers. Controlling existing inventory, optimising costs and logistic control tower solutions are key concerns.

As a logistic provider, we implement innovative end-to-end solutions to help our customers increase efficiency and gain a competitive edge. For us, it is a priority to provide them with the latest solutions available. 

That’s why, we mainly focus on two value creators principles: operational excellence and continuous improvement. From management to operations, we set up different continuous improvement programmes adapted to our customers’ needs, focusing on processes simplification and added value creation to reach operational excellence. By combining expertise, consultancy and global management of your supply chain, we optimise your existing organisation and anticipate your changing needs, for improved performance and boosted sales.

Deliver a seamless omnichannel experience

Efficient omnichannel logistics can give a competitive advantage to companies and should be a continuity of traditional logistic. No disruption should interfere in a seamless Omnichannel Supply Chain. The keys to succeed in omnichannel logistics are flexibility, speed and cost optimisation.

At FM Logistic, by omnichannel, we mean a combination of Digital, Phygital, E-com & Stores sales channels for a seamless consumer experience. Our mission is to design and implement flexible omnichannel supply chains while optimising the customer journey. 

To support their omnichannel strategy, we can manage all our customer’s supply chain as a fulfillment centre for ecommerce or mutualised activities, and all their flows, B2B and B2C, under the same warehouse or in different places. It gives additional flexibility to be more efficient and to answer the high amount of orders occuring in specific periods such as the Black Friday or Double 11.

To achieve these goals, at FM Logistic, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to ensure a high level of execution. We use a wide range of solutions such as inventory viewers, AGVs (Autonomous Guided Vehicles), AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots), shuttle pallets, goods-to-man, cobots…

Our customers also benefit from agile IT solutions to ensure that online and offline services, order management (OMS), order fulfillment and warehouse management system (WMS) are fully integrated from day one.  Our OMS technology connects all orders from traditional channels to ecommerce stores, as well as fulfillment centres, to provide real-time omnichannel order tracking information, visibility into inventory levels and forecasting.

Invent new business models

Consumers’ habits and behaviours are constantly changing: big cities are thriving, sustainable and locally sourced products are highly demanding and buying online is becoming a must have. To answer consumers’ growing expectations and to facilitate deliveries in large urban centres, we provide our customers with our city logistics network through our multi-customers, our city hubs, and micro logistics proximity hubs, our street corners and our last mile delivery solutions. Together, these solutions allow us to meet our customers’ expectations while contributing to decrease carbon footprint.

At FM Logistic, we are constantly innovating and co-constructing retail logistics solutions with our retail customers. From testing to scaling your new business models, we design and deploy disruptive solutions, such as: BtoB ecommerce, darkstore distribution centres, bulk finished goods supply chain, circular economy and second-hand logistics.

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