As major actors in the industry market, our customers require from us competitive solutions that take into account the specific needs. FM Logistic support and provide you the performance, security and agility of your supply chain.

As major actors in the industry market, our customers require from us competitive solutions that take into account the specific needs. FM Logistic support and provide you the performance, security and agility of your supply chain.

  • 25

    years of experience with industry actors

  • 100%

    LED program for all our warehouses

  • 20%

    CO2 emissions over the entire life cycle of a certified FM Logistic platform

  • 60%

    of transport flows meeting the Euro 5 or higher standards, or alternative energy

Industrial Logistics

The industrial sector is increasingly diverse and complex, dealing with everything from raw materials, chemicals and specialty materials, highly sophisticated components and industrial machinery, to consumer electrical and electronic products. The latest Revolution of the industry sector is supported by the concept “Industry 4.0”, mainly based on artificial intelligence and connected devices, behaviour change in B2B and B2C and the growing evolution towards a model of “servicing” of products, that is to say the sale of performances and services, beyond the products. Manufacturers must now focus on the efficiency of their supply chain for better availability of their products, as well as on optimising the performance of the services associated with them.

Industrial companies are faced with major logistics challenges. Optimising the supply of their factories, producing on demand, personalising “goods”, optimising stocks, forecasting and limiting the risks associated with their supply chain, are all challenges that manufacturers must take up. In addition, the rise of ecological awareness with sustainable development is pushing companies to work on new upstream and downstream logistics strategies.

Those new challenges have an impact on their supply chain. 

As an expert in transport and warehousing logistics, we offer dedicated logistics for industry to cover their entire supply chain, from inbound, in-house and outbound logistics to delivery and reverse logistics. With our control tower solutions, we optimise and provide full visibility on all their logistics flows.

Our expertise in warehousing, handling, customisation/delayed differentiation, transport and distribution ensures a smooth supply chain committed to operational excellence and continuous improvement. By combining expertise, consulting and global management of your supply chain, we optimise your existing organisation and anticipate your changing needs. FM Logistic invests in innovation to offer logistics to Industrials, transport, assembling and packaging solutions that meet the changing demands of consumers, the rise of ecommerce and omnichannel distribution. 

Let’s reduce our environmental impact 

At FM Logistic, we set sustainable development as our major objective for our customers. To meet our goal, we offer our customers different sustainable solutions to answer their needs. For instance, we rethink our packaging offer in order to optimise our customers product’s carbon footprint. Furthermore, we propose to our customers alternatives regarding their transportation. At FM Logistic, we can provide different types of vehicles: from electric to hydrogen through biofuel, we are committed to always work on new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our activities. 

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Our supply chain solutions for Industry help maintain your competitive edge

Make logistics and distribution for Industrial a major asset in their sustainable development strategy

As your trusted provider, FM Logistic provides you with sustainable warehouses. We ensure the safety of your goods within our warehouses (thanks to agreements/certifications) and we distribute your products. FM Logistic helps your company rethink packaging. All of our solutions for our industrial partners are now built to optimise the sustainable development of their operations. Through our network of transport partners, we maintain our independence to best advise you and exploit opportunities to optimise your omnichannel distribution, including green services to help you reduce your company’s carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Logistics adapted to the specific needs of Industrials

The efficiency and performance of your business is our priority. For manufacturers, we ensure the safe and secure storage, personalisation and distribution of your goods covering a wide range:

  • Equipment and infrastructure goods,
  • Consumer goods,
  • Chemical and hazardous products,
  • Medical devices
FM Logistic warehouses are all compliant with international and local regulations, and can be adapted to your needs to manage your products. We build our multi-customers warehouses in the geographical areas best suited to your business and in accordance with the regulations of your sector.

One Roof Concept for efficient and flexible resource management

In our shared centres, we pool resources under one roof: teams, equipment and activities for the benefit of our customers. We ensure dynamic and flexible management of our teams and resources according to the needs of each one covering different activities: storage, co-packing, picking, fulfillment.

FM Logistic has implemented an advanced principle of synchronisation between customers and activities. We offer storage spaces that can be adapted to the needs of customers to reduce stock shortages and inventory and maximise efficiency. But also multi-operations under the same roof, to reduce product flows. Also we strive to optimise the efficiency of the supply chain for Industrials while building more responsible and eco-friendly solutions, delivering on request a multi-site inventory optimisation and omnichannel distribution.

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