Annual reports
Annual reports

Annual report 2021/2022

FM Logistic's annual report 21/22 is out!

On July 12, 2022

FM Logistic reports annual results with revenue growth, driven by strong activity in omnichannel and urban logistics 

  • Reported revenues of EUR 1,518 million, up 10.7% at constant exchange rates
  • EBIT of 31.5 million euros
  • 262 million euros of new contracts signed, 60% of which dedicated to omnichannel 

July 12th, 2022 – FM Logistic today released its financial results for the year ended March 31, 2022. The full audited results are available in the annual report. FM Logistic achieved revenues of €1,518 million for the fiscal year 2021-2022, up 10.7% (at constant exchange rates) compared to the previous year. This growth was driven by a strong omnichannel sales dynamic with e-commerce activities becoming more widespread in the new contracts signed. 

Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) amounted to 31.5 million euros. The year 2021-22 was marked by major investments to support complex business start-ups and automation projects, for which the benefits will be measured over the long term. 

Once again, despite the economic ups and downs and the tensions in global supply chains, FM Logistic has demonstrated its strength and strong resilience. Comparable revenues grew by 10.7% and we signed €262 million in new contracts, 60% of which were omnichannel. I would particularly like to highlight the incredible resilience demonstrated by our teams who, despite multiple lockdowns, have shown an unwavering commitment to completing the most complex projects for our clients. Finally, 2021 was marked by the implementation of our Powering 2030 strategic plan, which is focused on promoting a sustainable omnichannel supply chain, for and with our customers. The climate issue is everyone’s business and we want to be among those who make things happen,” said Jean-Christophe Machet, President of FM Logistic.

Increasing demand for omnichannel and urban logistics solutions

€262 million in new contracts won in 2021/22 testify to the growth dynamic in Europe and Asia, particularly with international customers in the FMCG sector. The multi-client logistics platforms and the long experience of pooling in transport enable resources and expertise mutualisation, which is essential for the development of a sustainable omnichannel supply chain. 

To support its strong growth, the pet shop chain Maxi Zoo has entrusted FM Logistic with the supply of its 263 stores in France, as well as the preparation and shipping of its e-commerce orders. The Savigny-sur-Clairis (France) site (57,000 sq m) manages a stock of 15,000 goods  and handles nearly 5 million orders per year, including 1.2 million placed by individuals via the website. Since December 2021, FM Logistic has also been managing the online orders of Maxi Zoo’s German and Polish customers, for a volume of orders that should reach 3 million by 2022. A new 35,000 sq m warehouse will soon be dedicated to this activity in Głogów, Poland.

However, the boom in home deliveries is accompanied by increased pollution, traffic congestion and a shortage of local storage space. Demand has increased for urban logistics solutions and Spain is at the forefront of it: 

  • Citylogin, the company that manages the urban logistics business in Spain, has doubled its turnover in 2021 and passed the 600 employee mark. It has opened offices in three new cities, Barcelona, Huelva and Badajoz, bringing the total to 13. Its fleet is growing, with more than 370 vehicles, 120 of which have alternative engines. 
  • A logistics center under the Plaza Mayor is the bet made with the Madrid Transport Authority (EMT). Since October 2021, Citylogin has been distributing parcels from a 200 sq m space located in the underground parking lot of the famous square on behalf of an e-commerce giant. Seven Scoobic electric three-wheelers make deliveries in less than two hours in the capital. They can carry 420 kg of goods and travel 80 km on a single charge. Electric vans supply the mini hub from a depot outside the city.

Ever more sustainable and resilient supply chains

In line with the ambitions defined in its Powering 2030 strategic plan, FM Logistic continues to go further in developing more sustainable supply chains. Among the most notable achievements this year:

  • Reducing plastic: In Brazil, FM Logistic supports Henkel in its CO2 emissions reduction, thanks to deliveries with electric vehicles, from its site equipped with solar panels. Kraft has replaced plastic in packaging. The result: 94% less plastic and a 30% reduction in operating costs.
  • Green hydrogen production stations : on its logistics site on the outskirts of Madrid, FM Logistic has installed a green hydrogen production station that runs on solar energy. The needed electricity comes from the photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building. Developed by H2B2, the station can generate up to 45 kg of green hydrogen per week. 
  • Dynamic impact report : FM Logistic has developed, with the consulting firm EY, a tool to report on the social and environmental impacts of its activities. By measuring the positive and negative effects of its activities, FM Logistic wants to give its customers, employees and partners clear information to guide them in their decision-making.

“This is another step towards more sustainable logistics and a tangible illustration of our desire to create positive change for our employees, customers and society,” added Jean-Christophe Machet.

Projections for 2022/23

Geopolitical and economic tensions, as well as inflation, will weigh on FM Logistic’s operating income and revenues, due to its strong presence in Eastern Europe.

However, FM Logistic’s business model, coupled with a strong commercial dynamic and reinforced cost control, will allow the Group to mitigate the impact and to keep the roadmap planned by Powering 2030.

About FM Logistic

Founded in France in 1967, FM Logistic is an independent family-owned company that provides supply chain solutions for omnichannel commerce in the consumer, retail, cosmetics, industrial and healthcare sectors. 

Its services include warehousing, e-commerce and retail order picking, co-packing, domestic and international transportation, and control tower services. It operates in more than 14 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. FM Logistic generated revenues of €1.52 billion in the fiscal year ending March 2022 and has 28,600 employees. 

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