Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


2012-2022 : engaged together in a great international adventure


  • « Our Group was founded by people imbued through and through with the spirit of enterprise. This passion has always driven our development. There are now more than 23,300 of us throughout the world, all driven by the same desire to do business and the same sense of responsibility. Since 2012, FM Logistic has entered the second phase of its history: resolutely international, sustainably efficient, our Group has set itself the objective for 2022 of standing out as the benchmark leader in the international logistics market. We hold all the cards for success: our global mastery of the supply chain, our presence in 14 countries, the long-term vision of our share-holders, the skill of our colleagues, the trust of our clients, our operational know-how, our ability to innovate, the strength of our distribution hubs, etc. Colleagues and managers of today and tomorrow, suppliers, partners: whatever your link with our Group you each contribute in your own way to helping us write a great and beautiful page in the history of logistics ».

    Jean-Christophe Machet, CEO of FM Logistic


  • Our strength for the future : from the ground up

    We are continuing to reinforce our fundamentals and our business activities while being ever more attentive to our customers' needs. We have to rely on the intelligence of our teams in the field  in order to adapt our services better to our customers, to their operating methods and to their countries.

    Our organisation has to become more autonomous in the field with more responsibility given.

    Jean-Claude MICHEL – Chairman of the Board of Directors of FM Logistic